10 things I saw on the internet this week – TGI Friday edition

1  World Love for Dolphins Day events are being arranged in many locations on and around February 13 so that people can show their opposition to the brutal capture and killing of dolphins and small whales in Taiji, Japan, and elsewhere. Please check where your local event is – if there isn’t one, you can always arrange one – and help to show Japan that we want this horrible practice to stop.


If you’re not sure what all the fuss is about, please watch The Cove. It will not leave you unmoved.


2  This. Found on Facebook. Author unknown.


These gorgeous photos by Dave Brosha of Mi’kmaq dancer Danny Boy Stephens. N’Dilo, Northwest Territories. via White Wolf Pack.

Dave Brosha

4  This beautiful tiara, and many more, which can be seen here. Found on Diamonds In The Library.

Diamonds in the library

5  The horrifying, but apparently true, news that Greenpeace is actually promoting the use of sealskin as sustainable fashion. The organisation, which I once supported, has drifted far from its idealistic early days, and is trashing the legacy of many of its founders and early activists. Shame on them! You can see a video clip here, and read more from Paul Watson, one of the founders of Greenpeace, here. How anyone can think that what is shown in the photo below is acceptable is completely beyond me.


6  This amazing street art by Julien Malland, a French street artist. Seen on Bored Panda.

7  These Tokyo street scenes by Masashi Wakui, which look like they came out of a movie. Via So Bad So Good.


8 “A photograph acquires something of the dignity which it ordinarily lacks when it ceases to be a reproduction of reality and shows us things that no longer exist”. One of 20 of Marcel Proust’s best quotes, as listed by Art Sheep.


9  This, and 14 other extremely inappropriate things found in children’s books. Again via Art Sheep.


10  Monsters that are less scary than those supported by Greenpeace! From Monsters and Legends by writer Davide Cali and illustrator Gabriela Giandelli. Via Brain Pickings.



Have a nice weekend, Eadaoin


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